The History of
as the Vision
of My Life

How did it start

The Summer of 1961

Mark Zingarelli enrolls at the prestigious Pittsburgh Paint-By-Number Institute, where he shows great promise as an aspiring young artist thanks to his early training at the elbow of TV artist Jon Gnagy. Later in life, flush with his first successes as a professional illustrator and cartoonist, Zingarelli claimed that it was Gnagy’s weekly art classes on Saturday morning that convinced him that the artistic life was the only life worth living.

"It was that beard, man! And those crazy plaid shirts!” he would recall.


By 1966, the young Zingarelli had also graduated with honors from the Pleasant Hill’s Cartoonist Exchange ( a mail order cartooning school of very high caliber) and the die was ultimately cast.

A brief stint at a no-name professional art school in Pittsburgh followed by five lost, drug addled years at a local university in the same city only delayed the inevitable.

In the mid-seventies, Zingarelli finally moved to San Diego to open the first of three studios and the HOUSE of ZING was born!

An Illustrator's Life

Mark Zingarelli's illustrations and comic strips have appeared in most of the major magazines and newspapers in the U.S, including The New Yorker, Esquire, Newsweek, Business Week, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company, Fortune, New York Magazine, Boston Globe, The Washington Post, LA Weekly, Chicago Reader, The Village Voice, and many more.

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